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My name is Tyler, and to describe myself in 100 words or less is not a feat I am capable of, so I'll tell you about the way I approach my goals, rather than about myself.  I’ve realized that the years I spent studying environmental science were nowhere near as important than helping people understand  the basics of environmentalism, of health, of personal and collective goal setting, and that experience is always more important than research and conceptualization. So I continue doing what drives me forward, whatever that may be as it changes, because when people are able to pursue those things that drive them, thats when things really start to take off, and with that momentum, I hope to provide others with useful things, be it photography, videography, or the educational content within. I can't say I know exactly what to do, but I can say I enjoy what I'm doing. 

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A note to friends: Thank You! 

Thank you to all that have visited my page, it was meant for your enjoyment! Thank you to all those who have awkwardly modeled for me or caught me sneaking your photo Thank you to Gabriela for the one of me. Thank you Jack for holding the wheel as I took that 35mm still on the way up hwy1. Thank you Emily for the one of my in my favorite sweater, and thanks to the film guys at costco for developing that photo into one of my favorite mistakes. Thanks dude from SB for that photo of me in Death Valley, the timing was perfect! Thanks to whomever took that photo of "Team Plastic " the bay area soccer squad killin' it in SB. Thanks Paige for the handstand photo, I'll always love that one! Please if I can help with anything in any way, whether it's tagging a photo, or giving credit, helping with a project or helping with homework, I want to thank you for reaching out to me! Lastly, I would like to give a big thank you to everyone who continually inspires me to do what I love.